Orange County Register:

I’m not like the avant-garde artist who is always concerned about being new and original,” he said. “I have a lot of fun with clichés and archetypal musical elements, no matter where they come from, whether it’s Rock-and-Roll or Jazz or a Beethoven String Quartet.

I mean, I’m not afraid to go back and use that material in a way that is somewhat unexpected and new. But my credo is not to be original in everything I do. I like dipping back and taking things we’ve heard before and putting them in a new set of clothes, or maybe placing them in a new room.”

– Composer Steve Moshier

“Steve Moshier manages to give birth to some sort of ritualistic mythical electronica, powerful yet subtle”

-Mihaela Vasilu, The Attic

“Steve Moshier’s electronic miniatures are a dizzying array of well-crafted sound-pieces”

– Composer Paul Sturm on facebook

“It is rich, always beautiful, intelligent, “humane” , sometimes sweet, sometimes aggressive, expresses a whole lot of emotions but always in a “contained” way – in one word it reflects the totality of life”

– Composer Adam Kondor, the late ‘NetNewMusic’ discussion (2009) “The Music of Steve Moshier”

“Bold and Intuitive”

Lewis Segal, LA Times

“Brain-tickling composer Steve Moshier”

‘Dance in Los Angeles’ Blog

“Moshier often builds minimalist tension with a melody of about four notes, taking its variations into seductively intense territory”

Jennifer Fisher, LA Times

“Very heroic and confident, like an Alex North score”

– Singer, actor, avant-pop writer, Rock and Roll ‘Hall of Fame’ inductee Tom Waits to Robert Koehler, LA Times

“Moshier’s score veered towards melody – Bach-like inventions”

Victoria Looseleaf, LA Times

Steve Moshier’s majestic, propulsive score”

Lewis Segal, LA Times

– The Liquid Skin Ensemble at the Thomas Solomon Gallery, LA, CA, May 21st, 2010


(there are over 500 works on this site; to play one, put your cursor over an underlined title and click)

“Exit on Venus” (2016) for Violin, Vibraphone, Acoustic Guitar, and Piano premiere at Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA, April 5, 2016

Exit on Venus

The Liquid Skin Ensemble with Naked With Shoes at Boîte Gallery in the Pacific Design Center June 5, 2015


 – Nice “Go” in the LA Weekly

“Libation of Priapus” (2014) for Tenor Saxophone, Vibraphone, and Piano premiere at ‘Faculty Recital’ concert at Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA, Novenber 18, 2014

FacultyRecitalPoster copy%5b1%5d

Cynthia Law performed an evening of piano music by Moshier including the premiere of “Into the Safety of the Abyss” at Brand Library Recital Hall, Glendale, CA, October 25, 2014

Basic RGB

– Great review by Paul Muller at Sequenza 21

– First Movement of “Into the Safety of the Abyss” (2014)

“The Wings of Longing” for Grande Quintet: Violin, Tenor Saxophone, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, and Vibraphone (2014) at Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA, March 18, 2014

Faculty Recital 2014

– Jannine Livingston, Donna Accardo, Frank Accardo, Michael Lasserre, Steve Moshier

The Liquid Skin Ensemble with Naked With Shoes at Highways Performance Space November 15th & 16th, 2013


The Liquid Skin Ensemble with Naked With Shoes at the AndrewShire Gallery July 5th and 6th, 2013


– Great review by Paul Muller at Sequenza 21

– Nice “Go” in the LA Weekly


The Liquid Skin Ensemble and Naked With Shoes at the AndrewShire Gallery October 19th, 2012


Sneak Preview:  Voyage of Odysseus – 20 Miniatures for Liquid Skin (2011) [Midi]

Naked with Shoes at Highways Performance Space with some of the “Miniatures” (Nov. 2011)

The Liquid Skin Ensemble and Heidi Duckler’s Dance Theater at the Boston Court Performing Arts Center November 6, 2011


The Liquid Skin Ensemble at the AndrewShire Gallery July 20th, 2011


Heidi Duckler’s Dance Theatre at the Ninth International Festival of Movement and Dance, Yaroslavi, Russia, Aug. 10th thru the 20th, 2010:

“Oh, Cosmonaut”/ Russia Mix:  Ascend-Adagietto-Presto-Descend (2010)

Electronic and Acoustic/Electric with the Liquid Skin Ensemble

Archaic Remnants:  Five Movements (2008)

1stMov’t Allegro con moto

2ndMov’t Andante ma non troppo e grazioso

3rdMov’tVivace con anima

4thMov’tAdagietto affetuoso

5thMov’tPresto non troppo e quasi scherzando

– Premiere performance at Ah Gallery, LA, CA, by the Liquid Skin Ensemble

Old Gods (2007)

– Premiere performance at the RealNewMusic Festival, Whittier, CA, 2007 by the Liquid Skin Ensemble

Enough Rope:  A 10-Part Song Cycle On The Poems Of Dorothy Parker (2006)

– Dorothy Parker

1. Symptom Recital

2. Threnody

3. Song of Perfect Propriety

4. The Satin Dress

5. Song of One of The Girls

6. Ballade of a Great Weariness

7. For An Unknown Lady

8. Résumé

9. Ballade of Unfortunate Mammals

10. Afternoon

– Premiered at AH Gallery, LA, CA – April 13th & 14th, 2007; performed by the Liquid Skin Ensemble

– Various movements were used in Rudy Perez’ “Surrender Dorothy!” (2008-09)

All Fall Down: for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2004)

Caught Between Boundaries (2003)

– For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers, Tanzwoche Dance Festival, Germany; performed by the Liquid Skin Ensemble

Close Contact:  A Fantasy for Two Electric Keyboards (2001)

– Performed by Jannine Livingston and Ruth Cortez

Unchained Melody – 8 Bagatelles for Piano (1999) [1st Four]

– Performed by Jannine Livingston

“Steve Moshier’s “Unchained Melody: 8 Bagatelles for Piano” are not only outstanding, they represent minimalist compositional prowess. What I hear on a personal level is something akin to Julius Eastman with a touch more complexity.”

-J.C. Combs, founder of ‘ImprovFriday’ and Cellar Door Records  

Silent Flight – Part 1 (1999)

For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers, World Festival of Sacred Music – the Americas, Cal-State Playhouse, L.A ; performed by the Liquid Skin Ensemble

“Steve Moshier’s intense score”

Lewis Segal, LA Times

No Room to Move (1997)

For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers, Joyce Theater, NYC, New York; performed by the Liquid Skin Ensemble

Shadows from the Underworld:  for Piano (1997)

– Performed by Cynthia Law at CSULB, Long Beach, CA, 2009

Acts of the Moment:  for Two Pianos (1993)

– For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers; co-sponsored by the Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex, The State Playhouse, CSULA, LA, CA

Thomas Babe’s “Demon Wine” excerpts; produced at the Los Angeles Theatre Center (1989):

– Tom Waits as Curly

“…then it gets into a style I call Urban Church; it’s nice not being the musician for a change”

-Tom Waits to the LA Times’ Robert Koehler

Overture“Demon Wine” (1989)

Discreet Footsteps – “Demon Wine” (1989)

Smooth Talker – “Demon Wine” (1989)

Call of the Wild – “Demon Wine” (1989)

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; http://brucehamilton.info/smakdemon.mp3 – 2/19/10

“Steve Moshier’s aggressive, counter-rhythmic score”

Daily Variety

Woodworks (“Prelude”) – for 2 Organs and the CSUF Percussion Ensemble (1988)

Conceived and directed by Jan Munroe, choreography by Tina Gerstler; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), LA, CA

“Steve Moshier’s music is jazzy and minimalist and connects well with the choreography”

-Tom Stringer, LA Reader

Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” – Concert (freely adapted by David Schweizer); produced by the Modern Artists Company (1985):

Leontes’ Jealousy – “The Winter’s Tale” (1985)

Winter’s Tale Theme – “The Winter’s Tale” (1985)

Rhythm of Bohemia – “The Winter’s Tale” (1985)

Trial of Hermione – “The Winter’s Tale” (1985)

Passion of Wonder – “The Winter’s Tale” (1985)

Reconciliation – “The Winter’s Tale” (1985)

– Performed by the Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra and the Modern Artists Company at the Powerhouse Theater, Santa Monica, CA

Seventh Heaven for Piano Trio (1981)

– Premiere performance at Cartesians in Academia’, CSUF, CA, 1987

Works performed by the legendary Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra (1979-1992):

– Composed over 30 works for this ensemble

They Had No Plows (1986)

Shadow Boy (1984)

from the “Cartesian Reunion Memorial Orchestra” cassette; originally distributed by High Performance Audio

Ghosts of Panama (1984)

Shakeout (1982)

Because We Care (1981)

Precursor to the Liquid Skin Ensemble:Red Ice  “Marked Stalls Only” (1981)

Marked Stalls Only (1981)

Red Ice:  John Glenn, E. Bass; William Houston, E. Organ; Steve Moshier, Vibraphone; Lloyd Rodgers, E. Organ

Earliest music:

Baader-Meinhof Bounce (1979) – Powervac (Drum Set)

Into Obscurity:  for Trumpets & Timpani (1979)

Death of Marat (1978):  2nd Mov’t for Chamber Orchestra – Graduate Recital 1979

Religious Upbringing – 5 American Hymns for Mezzo-Soprano and Viola (1978)

While You Wait:  for Piano (1977)


– All of the above performances were at the Thomas Solomon Gallery, May 22nd, 2010


Triumph of Galatea:  for Piano 4 Hands (2009) 1st Page

Triumph of Galatea:  for Piano 4 Hands (2009)

Archaic Remnants: 1st Mov’t (2008) 1st Page


Breadwoman & Other Tales (2016) on RVNG Intl. Records


The resulting tracks on Breadwoman & Other Tales are remarkable for their convincing insight and invocation of primal music”                                                                                                                                                               – Paul Muller, Sequenza 21  

A unique musical journey into thought, to be carefully listened to in its entirety                                                       Mihaela Vasilu, The Attic

It’s hard to believe these recordings were made in the early 1980’s, a testament to Moshier’s work … the music could be brand new”                                                                                                                                                           – Robert Harris aka Dr. Rob, Test Pressing

Mashup releases from Steve Layton and his NiwoSound netlabel that include other composers from Sound-In as well as my compositions:

Resistance Is Futile (2016)


-Featured on Die Zeit steht still

Atttuned (2015)


-Featured on the following tracks: City of Glass Spires, The Eternal Mystery, Spring Storm, Chapel

Traveler (2015)

traveler 2

-Featured on the following tracks: Traveler’s Time, Solitary Traveler

Shadow Plays (2015)

shadow plays 2

-Featured on the following tracks: Zoetrope, The Longer One Looks

Waves (2015)


-Featured on the following tracks: The Dream Cracked Open to Infinity, Red Sails in the Sunset

Unsuspecting Seepage (2015) from Unexplained Sounds Group – The First Annual Report on Unexplained Sounds Group


Repression at Dusk (2015) from Naviar Haiku 6 on Naviar Records

Naviar haiku 6

Give Him Gas (2015) from USA Experimental Underground 015 Survey on Unexplained Sounds Group


Without Remorse (2014) from Naviar Haiku Collection 4 on Naviar Records


A Soundcloud representation of the Innocent Hands Recordings release March to Oblivion (2013)


A Soundcloud representation of the Innocent Hands Recordings release The Crowd Without Pity (2013)


A Soundcloud representation of the inaugural Innocent Hands Recordings release “I think the ice is breaking” (2013)


“Limestone Gates” (2011) on Spectropol Records

“These older electronic works for the theatrical stage, created by taming unruly analog devices into something rather organic, seem musically timeless; but they also reanimate the L.A. Scene of those years of which Moshier was a part.” 
-Bruce Hamilton, Spectropol Records

“This is very delicate ambient electronic music. The “Boy’s Life” suite is so quiet it challenges your threshold of perception. And “Sudan,” in the course of its 26 minutes, marvelously maintains a fragile ambience.”                  -François Couture, ‘Music Journalism and Music’ Blog

“Limestone Gates is an excellent introduction to Moshier’s work”                                                                          – John Shanahan, Hypnagogue 

“On my list of favourite netlabel releases of 2012”                                                                                                – Richard Sanderson, Linear Obsessional Records

Mash-up of “Drifting” by Kavin Allenson; Drifter

Mash-up of  “Drifter”/“Drifting” by Richard Sanderson; In The Centre of Everything

The ‘electronic’ portion of “Oh, Cosmonaut” for the Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre’s tour in Russia:

1. Ascend (2010)

2. Unrequited Occupancy (2010)

3. Descend (2010)

Rudy Perez Performance Ensemble

Alligator Variations – part of  Rudy Perez’ “Surrender Dorothy!” (2009)

Pre Show for Rudy Perez’ “Surrender Dorothy!” at Highways Performance Space (2008)

“Surrender” was accompanied by the composer’s formidable Liquid Skin Ensemble”

-Victoria Looseleaf, LA Times

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; Oomash – 2/21/11

– Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

– Intimate Theatre, CSULA, LA, CA

“Upping the artistic ante was the pulsating music of minimalist composer Steve Moshier, who, with his venerable Liquid Skin Ensemble, provided live, rhythmically rich accompaniment”

-Victoria Looseleaf, Dance Magazine

Commissioned by choreographer Rudy Perez for his “Surrender, Dorothy!” at Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA (2008)

Also, the Intimate Theater, CSULA, LA, CA (2009) and the Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA (2009) with the Liquid Skin Ensemble and guest mezzo-soprano Linda Brown performing excerpts from the song cycle “Enough Rope”

“Ariel:  Ambient Electronic Inspired By Julie Mehretu” Virtual CD (2008):

Ariel (2008)

Immanence (2008)

Enclosed Resurgence (2008)

Renegade Excavation (2008)

– “Renegade Delirium” (2002) by Julie Mehretu

Two Sides (2006)

– For dancer/choreographer Miguel Olvera; part of the “New Music Haitian Relief” CD (2010)

Nightrider (2004)

– For dancer/choreographer Claudia Lopez

llusions from the Edge – Part 4 (1999)

– For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers; Multicultural Dance Concert, Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theater, CSULB, Long Beach, CA

If I Stopped, Would You Notice? (1997)

– For choreographer Winifred R. HarrisBetween Lines; Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex, CSULA, LA, CA

Confrontation (1997)

– For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers; Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex, CSULA, LA, CA

Distant Voices (1994)

– For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers; Harriet and Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex, CSULA, LA, CA

Like a Deer in Headlights (1993)

– For choreographer Winifred R. HarrisBetween Lines; presented as part of “Prime Moves” at CSULA, LA, CA

“Bold and intuitive, Steven Moshier’s music proved an indispensable adjunct to a plotless, pure-dance experience”

-Lewis Segal, LA Times

Close (1993)

– For Tina Gerstler’s Danceworks; presented at CSULA, LA, CA

“…a hypnotic synthesized score by Steve Moshier”

-Irene Oppenheim, LA Times

Celestial Ash (1993)

– For Hae Kyung Lee and Dancers, vocals by Anna Homler; presented as part of “Prime Moves” at the Japan America Theater, LA, CA

Sudan (1992)

– An excerpt from “49 Blues Songs for a Jealous Vampire:  A Performance by Keith Antar Mason and the Hittite Empire; presented as part of the ‘Serious Fun Festival’ at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, NYC, New York

Pierre Corneille’s “The Illusion” (freely adapted by Tony Kushner ) excerpts; produced at the Los Angeles Theatre Center (1990):

Opening – “The Illusion” (1990)

17th Century – “The Illusion” (1990)

Unrequited Love – “The Illusion” (1990)

Desperate Times – “The Illusion” (1990)

Night Music – “The Illusion” (1990)

Embrace – “The Illusion” (1990)

Time Travel – “The Illusion” (1990)

Final Act – “The Illusion” (1990)

Epilogue – “The Illusion” (1990)

“Steve Moshier’s music provides a strangely moving, even haunting background that filters in and out through the play, underscoring monologues and whole scenes with the kind of subtle, mysterious motifs found in David Lynch movies”

-Tom Stringer, LA Reader

Deliquium in C (1989):

Pre-Show Music


Voices from the Deep

Mash-up by composer Adam Kondor at Improvfriday site (2/17-2/19/11) World Music in Perspective

“In the midst of this aural witches brew, Homler and Moshier manage to fuse quasi-human utterances and quasi-musical drones into something both alien and wonderful. The music’s sense of rhythm is entirely internal, but unmistakable; making a polished work of vocal and electronic synthesis that draws the listener in as if by spell

-Jamie Allen, The Santa Fe New Mexican, Weekly Arts & Entertainment on “Voices from the Deep”

Installation Music

– From performance/sound artist Anna Homler’s “Deliquium in C” at Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, CA

“Integral and eloquent, transforming Homler’s isolated solo into a seductive environmental experience”

-Jan Breslauer, LA Times

Marlene Meyer’s “Kingfishexcerpts; produced at the Los Angeles Theatre Center (1988):

Opening Theme – “Kingfish” (1988)

Wanda – “Kingfish” (1988)

Intermission – “Kingfish” (1988)

Soul Searching – “Kingfish” (1988)

Who’s next? – “Kingfish” (1988)

Drama-Logue Award for “Outstanding Design – Music Composition

– Produced at the Public Theatre for the New York Shakespeare Festival, New York City, NY

“Some of the most distinctly aural delights since Lily Tomlin’s  Search of Inteligent LIfe

-Lee Melville, Drama-Logue

Force of Gravity  (1987-88):

Act 1 – Part 1

Act 1 – Part 2

Act 2


– For dancer/choreographer Karen Goodman; “Fringe Festival”, DanceWorks Studio, LA, CA

” …a perfect pas de deux with composer Steve Moshier’s lush synthesizer score”

-Jacki Apple, LA Weekly

John Fleck’s “Psycho Opera” excerpts; presented by the Modern Artists Company (1987):

Aria – “Stinger” Psycho Opera (1987)

Chorale – “Cleanse” ; Psycho Opera (1987)

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; Sundream – 10/6/2010

Aria – “Give Me Love” ; Psycho Opera (1987)

Ensemble – “Not Enough” ; Psycho Opera (1987)

Instr. – “Assasination” ; Psycho Opera (1987)

Aria – “Feel”/Instr. – “Minuet” ; Psycho Opera (1987)

– Scenario and all vocals by John Fleck; presented at the Wallenboyd Theater, LA, CA; originally a KPFK radio broadcast

“…the quite delightful contemporary opera score by Steve Moshier”

-Michael Lassell, LA Herald Examiner

Psycho Opera – A Radio Broadcast [KPFK] (1986)

Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day:  Four Movements (1986)

1. Thread

2. Shuffle Cut

3. Silent Doorway

4. Danza

– For dancer/choreographer Karen Goodman; Three’s Company and Dancers “Lo Tec Series”, San Diego, CA

“Steve Moshier’s synthesized minimalist score is appealing, dramatic, and at times, mesmerizing…”Silent Doorway” is perhaps the most engrossingly mysterious”

-David Gregson, The San Diego Union

Jan Munroe’s “Notes: On Performance!” excerpts; from the Pipeline/MOCA Angel’s Flight Series (1986):

Prologue/Overture – “Notes:  On Performance!” (1986)

Creation – “Notes:  On Performance!” (1986)

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; Crea – 3/24/11

Tortured – “Notes:  On Performance!” (1986)

Ultimate Fantasy – “Notes:  On Performance!” (1986)

Chair Emerges – “Notes:  On Performance!” (1986)

Wacko – “Notes: On Performance!” (1986)

Places/Finale – “Notes: On Performance!” (1986)

– Performed at the Wallenboyd Theater, LA, CA

“…with hefty support from Steve Moshier’s musical punctuations”

-Richard Scaffidi, Drama-Logue Magazine

Anna Homler’s “Breadwoman” (1985):

EE CHÊ – “Breadwoman” (1985)

OO NU DA – “Breadwoman” (1985)

GIYAH – “Breadwoman” (1985)

YESH’ TE – “Breadwoman” (1985)

– A cassette originally on High Performance Audio; currently distributed by Ms. Homler

“A pulsating, percussive electronic brew – with textures that run from industrial techno-pop to Eno-style ethnic ambience”

-Brent Wilcox, LA Reader

Donald Krieger’s “Boy’s Life” excerpts (1983):

Drifting – “Boy’s Life” (1983)

Desert Sci-Fi – “Boy’s Life” (1983)

Highway – “Boy’s Life” (1983)

In The Lab – “Boy’s Life” (1983)

Epilogue – “Boy’s Life” (1983)

– Presented at the Cast Theater, LA, CA; L.A. Weekly Theatre Critics’ Award for Sound Design

“Errie music by Steve Moshier”

-Don Shirley, LA TImes

“Hauntingly beautiful music by Steve Moshier”

-Susan Block, LA Weekly

“Steve Moshier’s haunting electronic music shines here”

-Maryl Jo Fox, LA Reader


(Mash-ups are works where the featured artist took my work and “mashed” it with theirs and others)

A new Netlabel is launched (2013): Innocent Hands Recordings


A Dedication @ Daniel  Anthony Stearns (2012):

“This piece was adapted from Vivaldi and is dedicated to composer and underground internet music activist Steve Moshier for his die-hard support of all forms of creativity despite a decided interest of his own in tonality and minimalism and what comes after.”

-Daniel Anthony Stearns

Brief Encounters:  A 24-Part Electronic Music Series Dedicated To The Late NetNewMusic Sit(2009)

– The works were presented in ‘Pairs’ with accompanying  Tom Friedman images

– Part of the “Brief Encounters: 64 Short Electronic Works” CD

1. Brief Encounters #1

2.Brief Encounters #2

3. Brief Encounters #3

4.Brief Encounters #4

5. Brief Encounters #5

6. Brief Encounters #6

7. Brief Encounters #7

8. Brief Encounters #8

9. Brief Encounters #9

10. Brief Encounters #10

11. Brief Encounters #11

12. Brief Encounters #12

13. Brief Encounters #13

14. Brief Encounters #14

15. Brief Encounters #15

16. Brief Encounters #16

17. Brief Encounters #17

18. Brief Encounters #18

19. Brief Encounters #19

20. Brief Encounters #20

21Brief Encounters #21

22. Brief Encounters #22

23. Brief Encounters #23

24. Brief Encounters #24

The marathon 39 day “one-a-day” rally of  a minute or less submissions for the group Shorties’ at the late NetNewMusic site (2009-10):

– Part of the “Brief Encounters: 64 Short Electronic Works” CD

1. Rise

2. Iceman Cometh

3. All Quiet on the Western Front

4. Just Passing By

5. Respectfully Yours

6. 16 Tons

7.  Will the real Dalton Trumbo please stand up?

8.  Chain Gang

9.  Flat Tire

10Slip ‘n Slide

11. Straitjacket

12Flying Hubcap

13. Roller Coaster

14. Grinder

15. Twist and Shout

16Broken Hull

17. Don’t give me the ‘Jimmy’!

18Bumper Car


20Crazy Glue

21I hear you knockin’

22. Will It Heal?

23. The Crusades

24. Blank Check

25. Battle of Ormoc Bay

26Sands of Iwo Jima

27. On The Rocks

28. I think we’re alone now

29. Hit and Run

30Sacrificial Lamb

31. The Creeper

32. Dig Deep

33. Subway Tokens

34. Dead Man Walking


36. Naked Lunch

37You Talkin’ to Me?

38. Cut It Out

39. Hard Ball

Coda ‘One-A-Dayers’

The On-Going ‘Internet Musicians: Postminimal, Totalist, etc.’ / facebook Uploads (2010-15):

1. Journey to the Center of the Earth

2. Rough Trade

3. Black Metal

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; http://brucehamilton.info/blamet.mp3

4. Walk Away

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Driftback

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Driftback 2

5. Flying Low

6. Last Legs

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Legs and Branches

– Part of Bruce Hamilton’s “Duopoly”  CD

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Spartacus Robot

7. Blow Holes

8. Dancehall Magic

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Sparta Dancehall Demon

9. Smoke and Mirrors

10. Rake’s Progress

11. Malaysian Comeback

12. Shots in the Dark

13. Sunken Debris

14. Down the Corridor

15. Perry Mason

16. Route 66

17. Where’s the Slats?

18. Strangers When We Meet

19. Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Rockplaco

20. Wings of Desire

21. Changing Lanes

22. Flight of the Condors

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Unundo

23. Mongolian Archers

24. City of Industry

25. The Life of Advanced Property

26. Cities of the Red Night

27. The Cellar is Full of Light

28. The Western Lands

29. Old Names Waiting

30. Private Parts

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; Pryparts

31. Not On My Shift

32. Urban Orphan

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; The Loneliness Of Single Hood

– Part of Roger “ErocNet” Sundström’s “We Hear Footsteps” CD

33. Quail in the Slipper

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Breaking Free for a Moment

– Part of Steve Layton’s “Shared Circle” CD

34. Hook Von Holland

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Tesseract Garden

Improvisation by Gérald DeGroote; Once Upon A Hook (von Holland)

35. Glass Blizzard

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Galactic Trip

36. The Gate in White Flames

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Forth on the Firth of Forth on the Fourth

37. The Penny Arcade Peep Show

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Night Rider

38. Junky in East Bath Room

Mash-up by Kavin Allenson; the thing in the east bathroom stall

39. Thistle Shades

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Lonely Fling

40. Watching, waiting

41. Shadow Cars and Wind

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Storm Was Upon Us

42. Black Lagoons

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Song of the Cold Night

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundstrom; Eurasian Curlew In The Fog

Mash-up by Steve Layton; we wondered at the cloud so high

[“Wings of Desire” Mash-up by Steve Layton (8/25-8/27); It Wouldn’t Have Happened If]

43. Left in a Peoria Hotel Drawer Since 1929

Mash-up by Steve Layton; George the Dragon Slayer

44. Night of the Vagrant Ball Players

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Eternal Mystery

45. Land of Darkness

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; http://brucehamilton.info/dark.mp3

46. On the Edge of Yage Country

[Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton (10/01); http://brucehamilton.info/cellarbirds.mp3]

47. A View From The Roof

[“Sunken Debris” Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton (10/21); Sunkenviewkitty]

[“Sunken Debris” Mash-up by Steve Layton (10/20-10/22); elliptical orbits]

48. Throw it into wind Jack

49. Scraps

50. Babylonian Exile

Mash-up by Richard Sanderson; One One One One One One

– Part of Richard Sanderson’s “Category Errors” CD

51. Totem Pole

Mash-up by Richard Sanderson; Punctured Levels

– Part of Richard Sanderson’s “Category Errors” CD

52. The Land, the Crow, the Wind

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; crow

Mash-up by Richard Sanderson; Nocturnal Aviary

– Part of Richard Sanderson’s “Category Errors” CD

53. Fallen Debris

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Stopped Watch Makes Us Remember

54. The Far End of a Forgotten Street

Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil; General de Gaulle! You are Sitting on my Hat!

Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil; Recomposing Composition A

Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil; Spectrally Speaking

55. Quarantine Suburb

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Winter Dream by the Fire

[“Malaysian Comeback” Mash-up by Steve Layton (12/29-12/31); Too Much City]

56. Mystery of the Instinctive

Mash-up by Jérôme Poirier; With Rain (In Memory of Richard Lainhart)

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Memory Flow

[“The Western Lands” Mash-up by Steve Layton (1/12-14/12); The Lion Gate]

[“Blow Holes” Mash-up by Steve Layton (1/19-21/12); Stirring the Pot]

[“Blow Holes” Improv by Gérald DeGroote; Steve Moshier /Gerald DeGroote: Blow Holes II]

[“The Life of Advanced Property” Mash-up by Steve Layton (1/26-28/12); Monsoon Celebration]

[“Not On My Shift” Mash-up by Steve Layton (2/2-4/12); The Presence]

[“Not On My Shift” Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; The Mediumship]

57. Trouble in Tahiti

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Clock with Broken Hands

58. Stick ‘Em Up

Mash-up by Steve Layton; For a Moment I Saw a Heaven

59. Trash Can Holiday

Mash-up by Steve Layton; On the Island

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Burned Ground

60. Reckless Heartthrob

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Torrent

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Moon Safari

61. Without Remorse

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Run Run Run Run Runnerbean

62. Strategic Bulldozer

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Half-Light at Luxor

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Alternate Dreams and Tick Tock

63. Rummage Sale

Mash-up by Steve Layton; A Night Wind Sways the Branches and the Unlatched Gate

64. Parallel Universe

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Undergrowth

65. Requiem for a Lost Soul

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Streets of Okuma

[“Flat Tire” Mash-up by Steve Layton (4/26-28/12); Drifting Off on the Metro]

– Part of Steve Layton’s “ppp” CD

[“Route 66” Mash-up by Steve Layton (4/26-28/12); The Stakeout]

– Part of Steve Layton’s “ppp” CD

[“Flat Tire” Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (4/26-28/12); Quiet Storm]

[“Route 66” Mash-up by Paul H. Muller (4/26-28/12); Shane 66]

66. Needle in a Haystack

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Strong Man in the Crowd

67. Closet Dust

Mix by Steve Layton; Late Night

68. Cold Pac

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Phenomenon

[“Mystery of the Instinctive” Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil (5/31-6/02/12); the Metaphysical Evaporation of Wells Street]

– Part of ImprovFriday’s “Mash Blue” CD

[“Mystery of the Instinctive” Mash-up by Jim Goodin (5/31-6/02/12); Beyond the Blue Sky]

69. Black Blast of Iron

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Unsettled Friday

Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil; The Hall of the Broken Gramophones

70. City of the Gravel King

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Ionosphere

71. Abyssinian War Dance

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Passing the Shortest Night

– Part of Steve Layton’s “Summer Mirages” CD

72. Vibrate Tourists

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Summer Conversations

– Part of Steve Layton’s “Summer Mirages” CD

THE 5 KEYS PIANO (a fb game group about making music using 5 or less chromatic notes) June 2012 Uploads:

#1 Sling Blades

#2 Black Blast of Iron

#3 Rock Hard

#4 Hiding Out

#5 The City Pulses With Slotless Purpose

73. Silent Majority

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Smashed Adam

74. Headlight Eyes

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The heat was a veil as I walked the softened asphalt

75. Faded Clubs Under Yellowing Tusks

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Fluttered then Settled

Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil; Thus it was Construed

76. Room Full of Shadows

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Crystal Ball

77. Riddled With Parasites

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Summer Night Song

78. Lost in the Meridian Bay

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Alternate Mars

79. All Men Everywhere

Remix by Steve Layton; The Sky Split in Two

[“Old Names Waiting” Mash-up by Steve Layton (8/23-25/12); Black Rollercoaster]

80. Orpheus with Clay Feet

81. Desert Solitaire

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The One

82. City of Tears

Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil; Growing in all Directions

[“Mongolian Archers” Mash-up by Steve Layton (9/20-22/12); Transition]

[“Mongolian Archers” Mash-up by Chris Vaisvil (9/20-22/12); Autumn Recomposition]

83. Light in the Town Corridor

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The House Was Full of Strangers

84. Yobodobo – Cut!

85. Travelin’ Man

Mash-up by Steve Layton; They Burned the Palace and Temple

86. Track Seven

87. “When it’s cold outside”

88. “Right by my side”

89. “Behind You”

90. “Got to Walk On”

91.  Aimless Walk

92. Without a Safety Net

93. Slummin’ at Three

94. “I think the ice is breaking”

95. Meditating on a Slope

96. Requiem for a Cave Dweller

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Exploring a Strange Shore

97. Flexible Knife Thrower

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Cobalt Blue

98. Spoon Doctor

Mix by Steve Layton; Dr. Livingston, I Presume

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Blessed By The Holy Tooth

99. The Crowd Without Pity

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Subduction Zone

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Clear in the Distance

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Not Really Clear

[“The Life of Advanced Property” Mash-up by Steve Layton (3/7-9/13); Robot Aerobics]

[“Not On My Shift” Mash-up by Steve Layton (3/14-16/13); Metamorphosis]

100. Bus Stop Assassin

Mix (with Paul Mimlitsch) by Steve Layton; Tamarind

101. Cautionary Reflex

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Desert Raiders

102. No Pull With The Master

Mix by Steve Layton; Dancing Like I’m Melting 

103. Stuck in the Corridor

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Chinese Box

 Mash-up by Gérald DeGroote; Meltin’Spot

104. As Long As He Has A Point

Mix by J.C. Combs; egy metronóm

Mix by Steve Layton; No Salvation

105. The Search for Hidalgo

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Counting on You

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Dream Cracked Open to Infinity

106. Don’t Touch That Dial

Mix by Steve Layton; Rolling Boil

107. Falling on Jagged Terrain in Slow Motion

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Beaufort Sea

108. On the Edge of Yage Country

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Sinister Stranger

109. Hostile Sentiment

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Dream Kept Changing People and Places

110. City of the Gravel King

111. Wreck of the Hesperus

Mix by Steve Layton; The Static-Filled Sky and Sea

112. Coin-Operated Wash in Times Square

113. These Walls Do Speak

114. The Arrival and Departure of the Bell Brotherhood

115. Tectonic Plates

Mash-up by Steve Layton; October Enters

116. And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks

117. A Hundred Pounds of Clay

118. Lonely are the Brave

119. Sidedoor Peepshow

120. March to Oblivion

Mix by Steve Layton; Pengembara

121. Chiaroscuro Tears

Mix by Steve Layton; The Phoenix Temple

122. Foreign Intruders

123. Flying Bodies

Mix by Paul Muller; Wind Chime

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; mungominster

Mash-up by Kavin Allenson; view driving west from Bowie (no wind)

Mix by Steve Layton; The Old Crone Tells the Future

124. Sub Zero Attraction

Mix by Steve Layton; Dalek Tango

125. Let’s Get Up And Roll

Mix by Steve Layton; Pile It On

126. Tough Terrain

Mix by Steve Layton; Dear Departed

“arpeggios are very selfish ..” (a fb group investigating the power of arpeggios beyond their accompaniment role) Dec. 2013 Uploads:

#1 Slip Him A “Mickey”!

#2 Passing Through

#3 Forgotten Road

#4 Congested Atmoshpere

#5 Racket in the Back Pew

127. Rim Contractor

128. Friend in Need

Mix by Steve Layton; The Solitary Traveler

129. Bustin’ Face

Mix by Steve Layton; Norbert Checks His Mail in a Utica Winter

130. No Experience Required

131. Suitcase Memory

132. Without the Right of Entry

133. Defective Circuit

Mix by Steve Layton; Bluebells in the Thunderstorm

134. Junkyard Circus

Mix by Steve Layton; What Waited In My Sleep

135. Conveyor Belt Misfortune

136. Taken for a Ride

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; A Glance In A Mirror, A Shock Of Fright

137. Roller Rink Gossip

138. Sand Debris and Human Carnage

Mix by Steve Layton; Crystal Cave

139. Crowded Corridor

Mix by Steve Layton; Spring Storm

140. Rise and Fall of the Third Column 

141. Broken Blinds

142. Thrivin’ on the Riffs

143. Beyond the Dust

144. Razor Highway

Mix by Steve Layton; Heat Stroke

145. Unsuspecting Seepage

146. I Hear Knockin’

147. Peeling it Off

Mix by Steve Layton; Seance

148. Restricted Memory

Mix by Steve Layton; Bronze Idols

Mix by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Elements of Composition II

149. Indiscreet Source

Mix by Steve Layton; The People Under the Stairs

Presented as part of 60X60 Dance (Louisiana Mix 2014)


150. Shaken Not Stirred

151. Without a Safety Net

152. Letter to Molly

153. Give Him Gas

Mix by Steve Layton; Cooler Heads Prevail

Mix by Chris Vaisvil; Something is Trapped on Route 13

154. Cracks in the Ceiling

Mix by Bill Newbold; Space Loop 1

155. Traces of Mildew

156. Hey Bo

Mix by Steve Layton; Who Do You Love

157. Guess There’s No Use in Hangin’ ‘Round

158. High Stakes in Omaha

Mix by Steve Layton; Zoetrope

159. Perforated Platform

Mix by Steve Layton; The Longer One Looks

160. Roller Coaster Leakage

161. Broken Posse

162. No Proper ID

163. Fake Sharks Teeth

MIx by Steve Layton; Color Wheel

Mix by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Wind Up Music Box

164. Bicycle Memories

165. Password Preacher

Mix by Steve Layton; Chapel

166. Racecar Dementia

167. Unsolicited Message

Mix by Steve Layton; Dieie Zeit steht still

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; The Keepers of Terra

168. Hidden Agenda

Mix by Steve Layton; Goodbye

169. Swimming With The Crowd

170. Unavoidable Instrusions

Uploads for Disquiet Junto in association with Disquiet ambient/electronica  (2013-14):


1. Broken Identity (disquiet 0082-minimalhaydn)

– Create a minimal techno track using elements of a Haydn string quartet.

2. The Conversation (disquiet0083-redacted) 

– Treat a page from recently declassified documents related to NSA collection of telephone metadata records as a graphically notated score.

3. Tale of Two Rooms (disquiet0084-quotidianthread)

– Connect two distinct field recordings via a transition between isolated elements.

4. Switchblade Eyes (disquiet0085-3parts)

– Make a song with 3 simple parts (oscillator, drum machine, field recording).

5. Crossed Paths (disquiet0086-hyperloop)

– Your next single is titled “Hyperloop.” Now record it.

6. Pushing Buttons (disquiet0087-entrymusic)

– Make five varied doorbell rings.

7. Take Him Out (disquiet0088-3d)

– Make a track simulating 3D sound.

8. The Void and Beyond (disquiet0089-V’Ger)

– Use the sounds of interstellar space to make “good bye” music for the Voyager 1 space probe.

9. Beyond the Cracks (disquiet0090-betweenstations)

– Explore the sound of a radio caught between stations.

10. Just Walk On By (disquiet0091-walking music)

– Explore the musical qualities of footsteps.

11. Bits of Silver Paper in Various Rooms (disquiet0092-roomtonesuite)

– Use room tone to shape a three-part suite.

12. Flying Debris (disquiet0093-netlabelhybrid)

– Combine music from three different netlabels to create one track.

13. Animal Farm (disquiet0094-naturalisttrio)

– Record an unlikely vocal trio with the sound of a bird, a kitten and a pig.

14. “Bag of Metal”: Concerto for Can of Marbles, Hacksaw, Grill Top, and Steel Fence (disquiet0096-metalmachine)

– Pay tribute to the late Lou Reed’s noise classic.

15. Medium Raw (disquiet0097-page99remix)

– Decode the music in a phrase from a book.

16. Sandbox Dreams (disquiet0099-EthenGthenD)

– Compose an 8-bit melody based on the “E G D” startup sound of the Xbox One. 

17. That Sinking Feeling (disquiet0100-vaporwave)

– Record the sound of water boiling and make something of it.

18. Flip Flop (disquiet0101-analogbinary)

– Make a phase composition based on the sounds of three switches.

19. Glitter Box (disquiet0102-sonictinsel)

– Record original secular holiday music: glistening, reflective, gentle.

Mix by Steve Layton @ Sound-In; Surrounded by Mermen and Mermaids

20. Melody Maker (disquiet0103-tinselsong)

– Make a song based on last week’s “sonic tinsel” project.

21. The Journal (disquiet0104-audiojournal2013)

– Create a 2013 audio diary with a dozen five-second segments.

22. Industrial Ice Hole (disquiet0105-ice2014)

– Record the sound of ice in a glass and make something of it (re-redux).

23. Rise of the Weather Blister (disquiet0106-sonarvortex)

– Treat the weather chart as a graphically notated score.

24. Distant Chimes From Pacheco (disquiet0107-aeolianmetrics)

– Use a wind chime as the rhythmic foundation for a track. 

25. Call of the Ancients (disquiet0108-freebassel)

– Create a soundscape for the ancient city Syrian city of Palmyra.

26. Walkin’ With Humanity (disquiet0109-cragheadsketch)

– Insert musical objects into an urban soundscape.

27. The Rise and Fall of the Nomad Gatherer (disquiet0111-actsofcommons)

– Rework work from Impulsive Habitat, Xylem, Zeromoon (via actsofsilence.com)

28. San Andreas Fault (disquiet0114-60hz)

– Combine elements of Dave Seidel’s album ~60Hz (Irritable Hedgehog).

29. Administer the Brush (disquiet0116-brushX4)

– Record a score for daily dental hygiene.

30. Chosen Wedge (disquiet0117-naviarjunto; Naviarhaiku012-“They encounter”)

– Compose an original piece of music in response to a haiku.

31. Hymn to Cleanliness Circa 2044 (disquiet0123-homeofthefuture)

Help Gizmodo create the soundscape of the home of the future.

32. Sealed With A Stare (disquiet0124-deriveandthrive)

Recombinate work from the netlabels addSensor, As4cords, and Audiotalaia.

33. Limited Means (disquiet0133-sixnotesong)

Compose an especially short and concise composition.

34. In Between (disquiet0145-theresalifetimein; Naviarhaiku040-There’s a lifetime in)

– Make a short piece of music inspired by a provided verse.

35. No Cause for Alarm (disquiet0153-groovelock)

– Record a short sound intended to be set on repeat.

36. With Room for Compromise (disquiet0154-grooveunlocked)

– Create a track from two locked grooves.

37. Wait for the Inevitable (disquiet0155-mimatch)

– Take a track and its remix and meld them into something new.

38. Fragments of Audio (disquiet0156-audiojournal2014)

– Create a sonic diary of the past year with a dozen 5-second segments.

Uploads for Naviar Haiku Project (2014):


1. Chosen Wedge (disquiet0117-naviarjunto; Naviarhaiku012-They encounter)

2. We Chose to Awake (Naviarhaiku013-Sunday Morning)

3. After the Yell (Naviarhaiku014-At the first sunlight)

4. Without Remorse (Naviarhaiku015-A piano is a conversation)

5. Elegance Gracing Her (Naviarhaiku016-Flawless face of Rouge)

6. The City That Never Sleeps (Naviarhaiku017-If build and destroy)

7. Repression at Dusk (Naviarhaiku021-Silence never stops)

8. Grey Infinity (Naviarhaiku023-I am the north sea)

9. Slithering Lazily (Naviarhaiku025-Warm hazy spirals)

10. Moments of Clarity (Naviarhaiku036-Graceful in the dark)

11. Outrunninng the Night (Naviarhaiku037-Shadows of horses)

12. Cacophonous Blasphemy (Naviarhaiku038-Melodic Silence)

13. In Between (disquiet0145-theresalifetimein; Naviarhaiku040-There’s a lifetime in)

14. Wild Piercing (Naviarhaiku044-Piping autumn wind)

15. Sky Clears (Naviarhaiku051-Chasing remnants)

16. City of Exile (Naviarhaiku055-A human voice)

The ‘society For ShortY new music’ / facebook Uploads (2009-12):

– Images from Groups at the site

“Steve Moshier’s original NNM group has a clear fossil record to trace their ancestry with and to contextualize the modern musical miniature in a variety of guises”

-Daniel Stearns, SFSNM posting

1. Bubble Lips

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Bubble 6

2. Panic ‘tween The Sheets

3. Broken Bones

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; http://brucehamilton.info/befour.mp3

4. I’m sorry, your name?

5. Blister

6. Buster Brown

7. Search and Destroy

8. Sweet Smell of Success

9. When can we begin to drill?

10. Rape of the Sabine Women

11. Cellophane Bible

12. Industry at Night

13. Concrete Dwelling

14. Take a Hike

15. Let’s Dance

16. Loose Change

17. Bulk

18. Wasteland

19. Cut Throat

20. Diatribe

21. Unconditional

22. Spark Plugs

23. Uranian Willy

24 .Song of the Wayland

25. The Calling

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; 03–>All Through the Night

Mash-up  by Steve Layton27–>Spaceship

– Part of “ImprovFriday Vol. 1” CD

26. Tropic of Cancer

27. Peep Hole

28. Death of Marat

29. Whiplash

30. Where’s your sense of decency?

31. Rock Dust

32. Glass Menagerie

33. Sharp Tongue

34. Judgement at Nuremberg

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Cousins

– Part of Bruce Hamilton’s “Mash Hits Vol. 1” CD

35. Fistful

36. Port Authority

37. Razor’s Edge

38. The Mayan Caper

39. Quicksand

40. Hole

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; Mashermarch

41 .Breakfast at Tiffany’s

42. You’re now entering…

43. Point Blank

44. With All Due Respect

45. Shiner

46. Rubberband Man

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Caught

47. Where The Awning Flaps

48Rings of Saturn

49. Veins of Steel

50. Hymn on the Trial of Anne Bourdain

51. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide

52. Weakest Link

53. Pocketful of Miracles

54. Have Gun, Will Travel

55. Save one for the shooter!

56. Monkey Wrench

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Glitmix

57. High Roller

58. The Year of Living Dangerously

59. Reckless in South Dakota

60. Dust Bowl

61. In the Cellar

62. Sparkle Jockey

63. Bustin’ Balls

64. Ductility

65. Call of the Wild

66. White Spots

67. Dig Deep

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Deep Staho Dig

68. How The West Was Won

69. Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming

70. Can Someone Dial Elmer Gantry?

71. Banded Skagit

72. Monkey Fist

73. A Tale of Two Cities

74. Could I Ride With You Chaps?

75. Dead Hand

76. Drenched Lands

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The Automatic Magician – 4/14-4/16

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Making the Drop – 4/144/16

– Part of Steve Layton & Jérôme Poirier’s “Automatic Drops in Winter” CD

 Mash-up by Jérôme Poirier; [;._-]  4/14-4/16

– Part of Jérôme Poirier’s “Col[-…]lages” CD

77. Veil of Orpheus

SFSNM EVENT (5/05-11/12) “One Week, One a Day ‘Cinco de Mayo’ Event”:

#1 Sidewalk Boogie

#2 Swimming with Sharks

#3 The Road to Interzone

#4 Eraserhead’s Dilemma

#5 We Can Remember It for You Wholesale

#6 Storm Chaser

#7 Departure, Such Sweet Sorrow

SFSNM EVENT (6/20-26/12) “One A Day: short new music formulation Event”:

#1 Citizens of Gravity

#2 Syndicate Killer

#3 Wading Through The Morass

#4 Bits of Silver Paper

#5 Standing There Like Statues

#6 Caught in the Crevasse

#7 The Multitudes Assembled and Left Very Quickly

78. Accretion of Matter

79. Are you joking me?

For SFSNM Event 1/15/13

Mix by Steve Layton (‘Sound-In’ 2/21-23/14); First Night with the Mechanical Bride

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström (‘Sound-In’ 2/21-23/14); A Bee In A Clown House

The  ‘ImprovFriday’ Uploads (2010-12):

1. Point Blank

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Sky Night, Sky Bright – 3/12-3/13

– Part of Steve Layton’s “Unforeseen Consequences” CD

Improvisation by Gérald DeGroote; Pointblank II – 2/3-2/5/11

2. Rhumba Call

3. Nighthawks

4.Town Without Pity

5. Requiem for a Heavyweight

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Parus Caeruleus World– 4/1-4/3

6. Insufficient Funds

7. Trail of Tears

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Törst – 4/15-4/17

Mash-up by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Birdman – 4/15-4/17

8. When the Smoke Clears

Mash-up by Bruce Hamilton; Watching the Smoke – 4/22-4/24

9. Hard Labor

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Cold Sweat – 4/29-5/1

Mash-up by Steve Layton; The clock on the wall – 4/29-5/1

Mash-up by Adam Kondor; Le Chat Noir – 4/29-5/1

Mash-up by Adam Kondor; Glowing Words – 4/29-5/1

10. Mutiny on the Bounty

11. Spartacus

Mash-up  by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Novic Struktura – 5/13-5/15

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Dronedrift – 5/13-5/15

– Part of Bruce Hamilton’s “Mash Hits Vol.1” CD

12. Rusty Prostheses

13. Bridge over the River Kwai

– Mash-up  by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Botrkengine– 5/20-5/22

14. The Vikings

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Golden Gate – 5/27-5/29

15. Tale of Two Cities

16. Hatari

17. Jailhouse Rock

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Pastpresentfuture– 6/10-6/12

18. Abandoned Ship

19. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; http://brucehamilton.info/bleeping.mp3

– Part of Bruce Hamilton’s “Mash Hits Vol. 1” CD

20. Flexible Metal Cartilage

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; On Purpose – 6/24-6/26

Mash-up  by Jim Goodin; A Scene in Justice League, A Rescue into Hades – 6/24-6/26

Mash-up  by J.C. Combs; Dynamic Trio– 6/24-6/26

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Metal Accordion Textures – 6/24-6/26

21. Year of the Rindpest

Mash-up  by Paul Muller; Year of the Rindpest Drumline – 7/1-7/3

Mash-up  by Adam Kondor; Der schöne Müller – 7/1-7/3

22. Exit on Venus

Mash-up  by Adam Kondor; First Mix – 7/8-7/10

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; La Légion étrangère – 7/8-7/10

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Heat Chill – 7/8-7/10

23. Where’s the Buckle?

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Run Over by the Wheels of Freedom! – 7/15-7/17

Mash-up  by Jeff Fairbanks; Bell – 7/15-7/17

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Enchantments – 7/15-7/17

– Part of Steve Layton’s “Unforeseen Consequences” CD

24. Swatting Sand Flies

25. Uranian Willy

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Vättar– 7/22-7/24

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; Mage – 7/22-7/24

Mash-up  by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; IF Willy Slews – 7/22-7/24

26. Uncertainty Principle

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Bad Trip – 7/29-7/31

27. Weeds and Debris

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Ear Cinema – 8/5-8/7

28. Through A Glass Darkly

Mash-up  by Steve LaytonBorder Crossing – 12/16-12/18

29. The Probability of Stasis

Mix by Adam Kondor; Pre-Christmas Stasis – 12/23-12/25

30. Lifting the Lid

Mash-up/Mix  by Jim Goodin;Slipping on the Dancefloor – 1/06-1/08/11

31. The Raft of the Medusa

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; I Stood upon this Rock – 1/13-1/15

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; The Black Wind – 1/13-1/15

32. Yellow Cloud of Rust

33. Indecent Exposure

Mash-up  by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; Dark Soil – 1/27-1/29

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Twice Upon a Time in the West 1/27-1/29

34. 55 Days in Peking

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Weather in the Interior – 2/3-2/5

35. Switchblade Eyes

Mash-up  by Bruce Hamilton; stranger’s dream – 2/10-2/12

Mash-up  by Roger “ErocNet” Sundström; The Forces – 2/10-2/12

36. Down the Grand Canal

Mash-up  by John Donne; Down The 9th Street Canal – 2/17-2/19

37. Tornado Alley

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Odaesan Mountain – 2/24-2/26

38. Telepathic Interrogation

39. Captive in Minraud

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Bed thoughts over a night gone wrong – 3/10-3/12

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Cave Painting – 3/10-3/12

40. Asphalt Jungle

Mash-up  by Paul Muller; Neon Moon – 3/24-3/26

41. Ration with Gambler Fingers

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Terrifying Beauty – 3/31-4/2

42. Fifty Days at Iliam

Mash-up  by Steve Layton; Gauze

43. Pyramids of Güímar

44. Nova Express

[“The Probability of Stasis” Mash-up by Steve Layton (4/28-4/30); This Unfruited Plain]

– “Nova Express” Mash-up by Steve Layton; Caldera

45. Bucket of Nails

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Gloree Train – 5/19-5/21

– Part of Steve Layton’s “Strange Neighborhood” CD

46. Didn’t See It Coming:  1/10/10 for sFSYnm

 – Mash-uby Bruce Hamilton; Seeit

47. Somewhere North of Monterrey

Mash-up by Steve Layton; Butch’s Stew

Improvisation by Gérald DeGroote; Still Somewhere North Of Monterrey 


(available at iTunes and Rhapsody)


2011 – Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, USA

– Six Virtual Electronic works were presented including four Mash-ups

2010 – “Will the real Dalton Trumbo please stand up?”:  Selected as part of  the 360 Degrees of 60×60 at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)

Will the real Dalton Trumbo please stand up?

60×60 Dance in London, England, 7/24/10; Cody’s Moving Group, choreographer Cody Choi

60×60 Dance in St. Louis, Miss., 10/3/10Alexandra Ballet, choreographer CiCi Houston

Minifest Bellingham, WA, 11/6 & 7/10 at Western Washington University

1995 – Lester Horton Dance Award for Music in Dance

– An evening of work for choreographer Hae Kyung Lee

– Nominated 6 times for the award

1989 – Los Angeles Theatre Center Artistic Associate – Composer

1988 – Drama-Logue Theatre Critics’ Award – Marlene Meyer’s “Kingfish” at LATC, LA, CA

1983 – LA Weekly Theatre Critics’ Award – Donald Krieger’s “Boy’s Life” at the Cast Theater, LA, CA

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